It's easy to save water by cutting back on water usage in your home, and with some simple tips, you will be saving money without sacrificing your family's comfort!

Why you should save water...

Protect the Environment

  • Using less water means that less chemicals are used to process dirty water, less sewage and less energy required to heat water.
  • Using less energy means that we would be less dependent on foreign oil sources. There would be less pollution in the air from burning fossil fuels to heat water.

Save Money

  • Save money on your water bill.
  • Save money on your sewer bill.
  • Save money on your electric or gas bill by heating less water.

Saving Water Indoors - Bathroom

  • Check your toilets for leaks.
  • Stop using the toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket.
  • Put filled plastic bottles in your toilet tank to displace water.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors.
  • Fill tub up half way when bathing.
  • Turn off the water after you wet your toothbrush.
  • Rinse your razor in the sink.
  • Check pipes and faucets for leaks.
  • Save the shower water used while waiting for the water to get hot in a bucket for house plants.

Saving Water Indoors - Kitchen & Laundry

  • Use your automatic dishwasher only for full loads.
  • Use your automatic washing machine only for full loads.
  • If you wash dishes by hand, don't leave the water running for rinsing.
  • Don't let the faucet run while you clean vegetables.
  • Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator.
  • Check faucets and pipes for leaks.
  • Use the garbage disposal less and the garbage more.

Saving Water Outdoors

  • Water your lawn only when it needs it. If the grass springs back after you step on it, don't water it.
  • Water during the cool part of the day.
  • Put a layer of mulch around the base of trees and shrubs.
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean walks and driveways.
  • Plant drought-resistant trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Don't run the hose while washing your car.
  • Don't allow your children to play with the hose and sprinklers.
  • Check for leaks in pipes, hoses, faucets and couplings.
  • Use a pool cover to slow evaporation (your pool will stay cleaner too!)
  • Don't water on windy days, water evaporates faster in the wind.
  • Deactivate automatic sprinklers on rainy or cool days.
  • Wash outdoor items like your car or trash cans on the lawn so your grass can use the water.