What is a Consumer Confidence Report?

When the US Congress passed the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act amendments, the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) was given the mandate to require each community water system to provide each of its customers with a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) every 12 months.

A CCR is a report on the quality of drinking water supplied by the utility. These reports must contain information on the quality of the water delivered by the system and characterize any risks from exposure to contaminants in the drinking water in an accurate and understandable manner.

What is the purpose of a CCR?

The CCR is intended to help consumers (including those with special health needs) to make informed decisions about their drinking water. It also contains information about where the drinking water comes from, what's involved in delivering safe drinking water, and the importance of source water protection.

When will the annual CCR be sent to water customers?

The report must be sent before July 1st and must cover the data for the prior calendar year(s).