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  • IVR Directions


    Please call the payment system directly at 1-844-234-3702. Then proceed to step 1. If you call the Valley Water Systems Office at 860-747-8000, please press 1 to be directed to the payment system. When in the payment system, please listen to all the prompts carefully. The system will allow 10 seconds to start entering in responses; therefore have your account information and payment method handy. The system will confirm all the information that you enter before proceeding to next step.

    1. Once you are in the payment system press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
    2. If your services is terminated or is going to be terminated please press *
      1. If you press *at anytime during the call you will be transferred to a  customer service representative
    3. Enter your account number. This can be found at the top right hand corner of your water bills. Your account number should be entered exactly as it appears on your bill, disregarding decimals.
      1. For Example:   If your account number is 000000123456 on your water bill, please enter 000000123456 in the system when prompted. If the account number of you bill is similar to 123456.01, please enter 12345601 into the system when prompted.
    4. Once you have entered the correct account number the system will look up your account information and tell you the account balance.
    5. Press 1 to listen to your account balance again, press 2 to pay your balance in full, or press 3 to pay a different amount.
      1. If you press 3 the system will ask you how much you would like to pay. Enter the amount you would like to pay. The last two digits will be considered cents. For example if you enter 2512, they system will consider they payment to be $25.12. Press #when you are finished.
    6. You will then be prompted to enter your payment method. Press 1 for credit/debit card, or press 2 if paying with an electronic check. If you are paying by credit/debit card please go to step 7. If you are paying by electronic check please go to step 8
    7. Please enter your credit/debit card number then press #. The system will repeat the card number if correct press 1, if not press 2 and reenter correct card number. The system will then ask for your cards expiration date and CVC code. Please follow prompts when entering this information. Please be advised we do not accept AMEX. You can now go to step 9.
    8. If you are paying with an electronic check, press 1 for personal checking account, press 2 for personal savings, or press 3 for commercial checking. Please enter all your information when requested by the system.
    9. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation number. Once you receive it you may hang up.
  • Service Line Warranty Plan


    Our parent company, New England Service Company, offers customers an affordable way to protect their water line from costly repairs.  For details please visit https://newenglandservicecompany.com/our-divisions/residential-services/service-sentinel 

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